Saturday, March 22, 2008

Here on Earth

Alright, I'm kinda new to this bloggin' thing, and I've been told that my writing skills are not as good as my engineering skills. (Maybe that's a good thing?!?)
Anyway, I've named this "The Splashiest Place on Earth" because it reminds me of disneyland. I grew up going to disneyland ALL OF THE TIME. It was awesome, and when I was younger it was so much fun. Then, I learned more, and more and more! Suddenly, the joyous moments of my childhood were replaced with scenes from Disneyland: Underground. There are miles of tunnels and mazes throughtout the park which are complete hidden from that average park-goer. I mean, there is so much that can be missed when one goes to disneyland.

The same goes for water. Just looking at it usually doesn't tell you much. How do you actually know what's IN your water? I mean it goes through a network of pipes just to get to your faucet. (And if you don't drink tap water... then what do you use to brush your teeth? how about a shower?) I mean, water is all over the place.

Maybe it's because I'm a southern california girl, or maybe I'm just naturally inquisitive. But somehow I have been become enchanted with the notion that while our bodies survive on H2O, it's more facinated to know what H2O is all about. I hope that you enjoy this journey with me, and I hope I can blog semi-often. =)

On a sweeping note, I had a very good week this week with several Tide-to-go pens, (and if you do not know about this, PLEASE, look it up!) a $25 Best Buy gift card, and hubby won a $100 check. Not bad at all. Again, if you are reading this and are a sponsor of a giveaway, thank you for the chance! I'm off to go do some more sweeping.

Monday, March 17, 2008

My first blog

Alright, I've created this blog for two reasons:
1. To advance my adiction to sweepstakes entering. (And thank you to all of you who blog and host giveaways).

2. To promote my passion, water resources. That's right, water is a precious resource just like oil, and if we don't manage it correctly, we will lose it.