Thursday, August 28, 2008

You can wash, but be careful

I just read this lovely post by Cars for Girls: How to Hand Wash Your. Allow me to say that I love this blog, and they host some really nice giveaways. (Hmm... I wonder how I found out about them?!?)
Anywho, I was quite disappointed when I read the post about washing your car, and it mentioned NOTHING ABOUT WATER CONSERVATION! Now, being in California, where all things are shiny, beautiful, and no less, splashy, I strongly believe in a clean car. And what better way to get a little sun yerself (and save some $$$) than to wash your own car? Well, that's fine and all, if you don't live in an HOA. Our HOA now has a $500 fine (yes, five hundred dollars) for anyone who washes their own car.
Here's the reasoning: Soap is actually not all that clean, at least, not once it's in water. Do you want to drink a half palmolive/water cocktail? No. Okay... The soap gets rinsed off of your car and goes straight into the storm drain, which goes straight into the Ocean. Now, I'm quite certain that if I don't like the dish soap cocktail, most of the swimmers and marine life at the beach won't like it either.
So, what's a girl to do? Not wash her car? Be doomed to spend $20 every month @ Wash 'N Detail R Us? Nope, there is salvation for homeowners: wash your car on or next to your lawn so that the water will get soaked up by the ground before running off into the gutters. The grass seems to tolerate the soapy muck. Up to a point.