Tuesday, January 3, 2012

My favorite kind of food: FREE Food

I love food. I like all kinds of food. I do prefer some over others. I mean, why eat mustard greens when I can have strawberries? (Not that I don't like mustard greens; there is a time and a place for everything.)
Although, I would have to say my absolute favorite food: Free Food. Free edible food. Free good edible food. Okay, I'm getting hungry.
Good thing I was given coupons to try the Private Selections appetizers and desserts. Private Selections is the store brand (awwww... Love the store brands!) of Kroger's family of grocery stores. Here in Southern California we call it Ralphs. I've always been a fan of Ralph's store brands because they don't scrimp on quality. The are usually more expensive though, so I was stoked to try them for FREE!
Unfortunately, Ralphs is not into this whole "free" business because they have to make money somehow. I found this out when I bought extra veggies and shrimp tempura from their Private Selections brand. I had 3 free coupons for pizza, an appetizer and a dessert. The cashier gave me the pizza and dessert for free, but not the appetizer. The appetizer was $5.99 and she only took off $2.79. ARRRRRGH! This is why I DON'T SHOP AT RALPHS!!!!
But hey, at least the food was good. Let's take my shrimp tempura. Just look at it. It is one of those times where you cook it and it looks exactly as how the box pictured it.

And it was delicious! I had some Trader Joe's Gyoza Dipping sauce and well, there's a reason that I didn't get the pictures posted of the food after it was cooked. Yum yum!
Disclosure: I am a BzzAgent and received coupons to try some of these product for free.

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